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Two Poems forthcoming from Cobra Milk


Two Poems – Jet Fuel Review


Five Poems from H O L L Y W O O D L A N D  – Tilted House

"How to Sacrifice Virgules in Volcanoes" –  Press Pause Volume 7


Four Poems – Black Sun Lit, Vestiges_06: Aporia

“This Space is Intentional” – Indefinite Space 2022

“This is not a prologue” – Yemassee #27

Two Poems – The Brooklyn Review

“A Poem” – Denver Quarterly Vol. 54 No. 2, 2020

“[Prologue. before saying]” –  Yalobusha Review

Excerpt from The Book of UnTitles –  COUNTERCLOCK #6

“After        Art” –  Isthmus Review, Summer 2019 Issue no 9 — defunct

“Query” –  Eye Flash Poetry #3 — defunct

Three Poems – Ink In Thirds Vol. 2, Issue 4 

“the future of autopsy reporting” – Silver Blade Magazine #38 

“A Brief History of Sadness” – Visions International #96


Finalist 2022 Small Harbor Publishing Hybrid Chapbook Open Reading


Finalist 2022 Tilted House's 1BR / 3Bath Chapbook Prize

Semifinalist 2022 Tomaž Šalamun Prize

Finalist 2021 Wolfson Press Chapbook Prize

Semifinalist 2021 Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize

Semifinalist 2021 Tomaž Šalamun Prize

Finalist 2019 Elsewhere Magazine’s Prose Chapbook Contest

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